Most of the religions and mythology in all over the world is based on the conflict between . Zoroastrianism of Persians, founded in 6th century BC was one of those.

Zoroastrianism is an old religion in Persia founded by Zoroaster.  The information source of Zoroastrianism is Avesta, the sacred book of Zoroastrians. According to Zoroastrianism, world is divided between spirits; Ahriman is the god of darkness, the evil spirit and Ahuramazda is the good spirit, the Lord of Wisdom that is worshipped by Zoroastrians. Zoroastrians believed that Ahuramazda and Ahriman were twin brothers and sons of Zurvan (God of Time). Ahuramazda is the creator of the world in Zoroastrianism.

Symbol of Zoroastrianism: Faravahar

The symbol of Persians, Faravahar represents both Ahuramazda and Ahriman. The upper part is a human body and the lower part is the beast which were symbols of good and evil, Ahuramazda and Ahriman. Faravahar symbol, which is older than 2000 years, is still being used today.


There were also other evil beings in Persian mythology. A group of female evil beings called pairaka were appearing in beautiful bodies and seducing men to cast spell on them. They were mostly seen at nights. Naush was another female demon. Naush represents the corruption of corpses. The Sun Goddess Mitra was fighting against evil pairaka and Naush. Other evil beings created by  Ahriman were monsters and dragons. Some heroes of good spirit were fighting against those monsters and dragons.

Ahriman - Evil spirit

There are also famous birds in Persian mythology. Again the struggle between good and evil appears in these bird figures. A huge evil bird called Hamak is an enemy of human. Whereas another bird called Karshiptar is supposed to spread the words of prophet Zoroaster according to the sacred book Avesta and some other birds scare off the evil spirits with holy words. But the most famous and legendary bird of Persian mythlogy is Simurgh. It is a giant bird with lion claws and a head of a dog. It was considered as the bird of wisdom since it had lived too long and kept the knowledge of  ages. It is said that this legendary bird had seen the destruction of the world three times. Simurgh was scattering the seeds of The Tree of Life everywhere in the world which were supposed to heal any illnesses and evil.

Ahuramazda- God

Both Ahuramazda and Ahriman have their own ministers. The council of six ministers of Ahuramazda is called Amshaspands. Amshaspands were the archangels of Ahuramazda and were responsible for execution of his orders and protection of creatures. Similarly, Ahriman had his own council of demons called div. Each demon was opposed to an archangel of Ahuramazda.


Persian mythology has many similarities with Christianity as well as Roman and Greek mythology. Many gods and goddesses have equivalents in Roman and Greek mythology. And the first man and woman in Persian mythology is so similar to Adam and Eve story in Christianity and Islam. The first mortal man in Persian mythology is Mashya and the woman Mashyanag. They were deceived by Ahriman and they worshipped him as the creator which is the first original sin as written in Bible. Therefore world was filled with evil instead of peace.

According to the Zoroastrians, the fight of good and evil forces will last for twelve thousand years. For each three thousand year period, either evil or goodness will dominate in the world. We are supposed to be in the period rled by evil now. And at the end of this fight, Ahuramazda, goodness will defeat Ahriman and peace will reign on Earth.

[ad#downcont]Actually, the moral conduct of Zoroastrianism must be followed by all believers of all religions, all human beings:

As Zoroaster says : Good Thought… Good Word… Good Action…

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