The evil eye

, which is a kind of ‘talisman amulet’ is a very nice blue glass bead, but maybe it is more than an accessory and decorative object. Evil eye charm has a special place in many cultures for thousands of years and it is believed that protects the owner from evil looks and negative thoughts of others.

According to archeological discoveries, the origin of the evil eye symbol goes back to Paleolithic age and first used in Mesopotamia. Then, production of the glass evil eyes has been a 3000 years old traditional craftsmanship in Anatolia.  Belief in the evil eye charm was not abandoned after the spread of Islam in the region. The evil eye and belief in its charm spread all over the world from Anatolia.

evil eye

Many people in the world, whether Muslims, Christians, Jews or Buddhists, have believed in the power of the evil eye charm. Human beings always need to believe in magical objects and supernatural powers. Many objects were believed to bring luck such as four leaf clover. However, the evil eye bead is not an object of good luck. The intention of wearing evil eye jewelry is protection, not luck. When you wear evil eye bracelet or evil eye necklace, it keeps the evil eyes away from you, or if you hang an evil eye pendant on the wall of your home, it protects you and your home from envious, negative and evil looks of people. Evil eye beads are also pinned on the clothes of newborn babies to protect them.

The eye figure has an essential place in history. The ancient Egyptians have a symbol called ‘eye of Horus’.  Eye figures are also seen on clay tablets of Sumerians. Eyes are the gates for entry in the mind and exit for the feelings and thoughts. Some scientists argue that a kind of energy through eyes affect the subconscious mind of others and the negative energy can cause harm. In Anatolia, it is believed that especially blue eyed people spread more powerful energy through their eyes and their evil looks are more harmful.

It is said that these nice blue beads protect the owners by emitting the negative energy of evil looks. We cannot be sure whether this explanation is correct or not, but many people have stories about the evil eye. They can tell you how the evil eye beads cracked or broken into pieces after an envious and evil look of somebody.

The original color of the evil eye is yellow on blue base. The original color is a special blue. Some people say that the secret of the evil eye charm is at its blue color glass. And some others say the evil eye charm comes from the lead used for production of the yellow color. The evil eye masters use a very ancient technique to produce the evil eye beads. The materials written on the Sumerian tablets are used.

The evil eye production is an ancient art performed by a few masters left in Anatolia. They use very primitive furnaces made of clay, bricks and straw. The temperature increases to 900 degrees, but these primitive evil eye furnaces have a wonderful insulation that they are not deformed by daily temperature differences. Some evil eye masters are producing these charming beads for 60 years, exposed to high temperature each day of their lives. Neither chemists can catch the original color of the evil eye, nor the engineers can produce such furnaces with those simple materials as the evil eye masters do. Therefore, each handmade evil eye bead produced in Anatolia has its own charm other than its protective power.

Whether you believe in the evil eye charm or not, you can decorate your home, office, car with the evil eye pedants or use the evil eye beads as a decorative material for handcraft hobbies. The evil eye beads can be very nice gifts for newborn babies or new mums. A gold evil eye bracelet or a diamond evil eye necklace will be a very original Valentines day gift.

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