Significance of Halloween


To understand the significance of Halloween, we have to take a look at the historic roots. Although Halloween was originally a pagan feast, it was combined with Christianity when the ‘All Souls Day’ was moved to 1st of November and the celebrations were blended with Christian traditions.

Halloween is more than entertainment. Actually all we need some special days and nights to entertain in our monotonous lives. However it has also spiritual meaning and contributions to our social life.

Golden Eye

Golden Eye

  • First of all it is a good opportunity to spend time with children, and make them happy with Halloween costumes and activities.
  • It is good for their imagination as they invent tricks, games and become the characters they like in their costumes.
  • Both children and adults strengthen their social relationships as friends, neighbors, children come together.
  • It reminds us to be generous, sharing candies, cakes, etc.
  • We have some temporary hobbies like making Halloween costumes, decorating pumpkins and our houses with Halloween symbols and we relax.
  • It is a good time to think about life and dead, review our attitudes in life as well as showing respect and maybe praying for our dead ancestors.
  • As it is a celebration of a new coming season and the new year according to the old belief, it is time to consider past and present, future generations and the cycle of nature with seasons.

Contrary to Halloween evil symbols such as skulls, vampires, scary witches, bats, black cats, etc. Halloween is no time for evil thought and has nothing to do with crimes, blood and demons, instead it is time for coming together, sharing, enjoying, playing and meditating on our mortality. Therefore, never underestimate the significance of Halloween.