Femme Fatale

‘Femme fatale’ are rarely seen in the world and some of them are very famous women in history. They are heroines of many books and movies. A femme fatale is attractive, beautiful and dangerous. They have an ability to ruin a man’s life. They have a potential to be fatal and evil but we have to appreciate them because of their intelligence, self-confidence and skills.

In the old movies, we see those sexy and evil women enter the lives of men and destroy them. They know how to use their womanhood very well. Most of the men would like to seduce such a mysterious, desirable women. However, while a man thinks he got the chance to get close to such an unreachable woman and feels himself lucky, later he realizes that he is only one of the victims of such a fatal woman.

Sexy and Fatal

These women are distinctive. They have a complex character, charisma and skills to effect people easily. A femme fatale is highly intelligent, a woman of strategy and calm enough to reach her goal step by step with patience. Those women like independence and are very strong to struggle for what they want. They are mostly beautiful and know how to look attractive. Even when they are not imperfectly beautiful, they know how to cover their lacks with their self-confidence and how to use the beautiful, advantageous features. They dress in a classy and tasteful way. They use all their skills of dressing, looking, sitting, talking to trap their victims. Not every women can have such abilities and the charm to get the best men under their feet although many women are much more beautiful than a femme fatale.  With their personality, attitude, sexuality, beauty and image, they play their roles of the tempting evil very well and just like every sinful person, a man tempted by a femme fatale should be ready for the results. One of the essential skills of those intelligent women is that they know psychology of men and their weaknesses as well as they are experts of hiding their own weaknesses and feelings. Their strong and dominant image is irresistible for men. This is their profession. Therefore they have a principle of not having any attachment.

Power of Femme Fatale

As opposite of maternal, faithful, comforting and caring woman figure that symbolizes goodness, a femme fatale is the figure of evil, seductiveness and danger for men. As seen at all conflicts in life, the temptation of femme fatale is irresistible and preferred to good, innocent women. She struggles not to be possessed by men. She makes them her toys instead of being a toy in their hands. Femme fatales are after status that is taken from women by men.

There may be many psychological reasons for a woman to turn into a femme fatale, some of the strongest reasons can be providing wealth and social status, proving her identity or taking revenge from mankind. Whatever is the reason, such women give good lessons to men, even sometimes these are fatal. A femme fatale figure may show men that not all women are dependent, suppressed creatures like caged animals in their homes, but they have an identity, they can be much more intelligent then men can imagine and that a woman can have a power to ruin them. They show men their own weakness. Whether they follow an evil way or not, femme fatales deserve admiration for their power, struggle and intelligence as well as their appealing beauty.

[ad#downcont]Some of those legendary femme fatale figures in history, movies and novels who used their feminine powers in a skillful way and became unforgettable are Mata Hari, Cleopatra, Salome, Morgan Le Fay, Catherine Tramell character in the movie Basic Instinct.

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