Good versus Evil

Evilize me

Evilize me

Good versus evil contradiction is the eternal story of mankind. The universe is made of oppositions, contrasts, conflicts and dilemma.  There are many who act like angels around us, look like pretty, innocent girls but they have evil spirits. In contrast, some prefer a darker life style, express themselves in an evil style, maybe as a reaction to angel like devils.

That style can be found in music, fashion or art, anywhere in life. Some alternative lifestyles, such as gothic style, can be thought to contain diabolic features. Either just as a fantasy or a way of expressing yourself, feel free to have something devil. It is a part of human nature as much as goodness. Why not to express it with what you listen or wear? This will not make you a murderer. Or you can play an evil dark mistress in bed. This will not hurt anyone. There is aesthetic in darkness, too.

We are all role players in life. We have lots of roles. Most of those roles are based on nice looking, responsible, social creatures. When you get bored of these roles, when you are angry with all the world, you can choose some wild, naughty, dark, rebellious evil roles.

Have you ever tried a dark gothic make up with a long black leather coat or a latex corset, and a pair of gothic style platform shoes or wearing a vampire costume as a surprise to your partner. Or have you ever tried taking off your suits and tie after work, wearing a Gothic style skull t-shirt with a pair of jeans and buying a Marilyn Manson CD and watch a Frankenstein movie at the weekend?

Even good boys and girls become devils and vampires once in a year, on Halloween. You can do this anytime you need to relax by being a different creature. It may be a fun to look like a demon, but keep your soul free of evil. You don’t need to fight in the battle of good versus evil, we are neither angels nor devils, just human beings.


Indulge your dark side with evil style